Thursday, November 14

Cream Tea for Two

Some local "handmade" Devonshire cream was discounted at the hippie store today, and I just got a small paycheck, so.... I bought it, of course.

I love clotted cream and jam, so I grabbed a few scones and planned a five o'clock teatime.

A few bags of masala tea, one warmed, sliced scone, some heavy cream, sugar, clotted cream, and jelly (i didn't think to grab some fruit jam) later, and my late afternoon tea was set!

The clotted cream (made in Chapel Hill, I believe) was good! Rich and buttery, though not sweet at all (which, I know, is how it's supposed to be) it had a consistency that I really thought I would hate at first. It looks thick and sticky like glue, but it actually has a nice texture/mouth-feel that I was really happy with.
And with the jelly, it was amazing! Even the not-great scones were delicious with the sweet and rich mixture.

I just thought I'd share.

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  1. That's an adorable setup you have there, it looks delicious. :)

  2. Thanks! None of my tea set actually matches (i really want a pretty, traditional one) but i've collected random pieces and put them together and love using the whole set for an afternoon tea. Everyone should try it!


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