Tuesday, April 16

Pick a Page, Any Page.

Despite my general avoidance of putting information about myself on the web, I don't think I've ever hidden that I live in Greensboro. I like it here. It's a big city and (most of) my favorite things are here. The beau and I used to argue all the time about food.
What should we eat. What should we [read I] cook. Where should we go. Blah blah blah.
So before our last move, I started a new food book.

Simple, adorable Tokidoki journal on the outside...
Unlike my Bento Book of Shadows (have I ever even talked about that?) this one was simply full of Meal Lists (my version of a recipe, because I don't actually read recipes) and photos of food ideas and food favorites in the front, and information about local restaurants (and food trucks) in the back.

And this restaurant list has gotten HUGE.
Up to 33 pages so far, two places on each page-- most we've been to, many we've not-- with Name, Hours, Food Type, Price Range, Location, and any particular specials on each block, with two empty squares under each, for checking off. Once we've been to a restaurant twice, we can't go there again until we visit more of the others. If we go to a new place and like it enough, we can give it a third check box.
 So far this has happened with Slices and Dames.

This is particularly useful for quite a few reasons.

1) When people come over.
My family are terrible at just saying "I want this". Instead, they ask me what I want, and since I live here I must know what all is here, even though they visit all the time and know all my favorite restaurants, and I'm the one who LIVES HERE so it should be them who picks, cause they live in a shitty town without all this cool food.
*deep breath*
So now I just hand them this action-packed little thing and they flip through it until they have come to a decision.

2) When we [I] don't want to cook but we don't know what we want.
This leaves us with two cool options with the book. a- flip through it until we've found something that sounds good, or we haven't had. b- open the book to a random page and visit one of the places on said page, whether it's the first one, a random one, whatever sounds best, or wherever we haven't been before.
No more arguments about who chooses what we should eat!
And because this also has new and old home-cooked ideas, when I want Him to pick a meal, I can just hand it to him and tell him to pick something from what's inside.

See? Win!

The damned restaurant list/guide is so effing comprehensive that I want to publish the damned thing and sell it on the streets!
...delicious food ideas on the inside!
"Don't know what's for dinner??? Pick a page! Any page! Enjoy the food of the city you live in! Five dollars a book! Fifty pages of Greensboro food wonder!"

Of course, there's not all the restaurants in G'boro in there. Use fricking UrbanSpoon for that crap. Here you will find Brazilian Food, Italian, African, Sushi, Taquerias, Food Trucks, Thai, Banh Mi, and Pizza joints, but very, VERY few chain restaurants and fast food.
This is (mostly) the good stuff.

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