Thursday, March 18

How to Be Happy, Draft 1

Run. Go out in the backyard or park on a sunny day and lay down on the grass and watch the sky. Eat something with your hands. Listen to the Spice Girls. Call your best friend. Cook something new and exotic and delicious. Play with animals. Drink champagne (with maraschino cherries) out of plastic cups while picnicking on your porch. Drink sparkling grape juice out of champagne glasses.

Learn to say 'I Love You' in a new language. Discover a new favorite actor and spend a month watching all their movies or tv shows with friends. Grow flowers on your windowsill. Open all the windows, play music, and start your spring cleaning. Listen to poetry by Shel Silverstein. Take a multi-vitamin for two weeks, see you feel any different/healthier. Learn to say "I want to play" in a new language. Smile. Go on a picnic with your partner and/or pet, take a blanket, something to play with, and a basket/cooler with Chicken Salad, Tomato Salad, Sparkling Grape Juice/Apple Cider, and "mushy" Hummus with veggies and pita bread. Learn to say I Miss You in a new language. Buy a small, inexpensive present for your partner/spouse/best
friend. Play scrabble on the floor with friends while listening to Kate Nash and The Postal Service. Make hot tea and drink it by the window.

Write a story about someone falling in love.


Re-read a book from your childhood. Watch anything with Carey Grant or Marilyn Monroe. Go out for sushi and order one expensive thing you've always wanted to try. Go swimming. Go for a bike ride. Learn how to cook your favorite food. Turn off all the lights and live by candlelight for a day. Dance. Kiss someone. Watch something kick-ass where the good guys win. Tell yourself you are awesome. Eat your favorite candy. Try something different.

Get a haircut. Wear something tacky and bright and crazy and wonderful. Paint your fingernails with rainbows. Go see a free or cheap show. Play tag at the park. Paint all your cheap furniture in bold colors. Pick flowers. Tell someone you like them, just because. Turn fabric into curtains, picnic blankets, table cloths, or sarongs. Learn how to make your favorite drink, and invite everyone over to have one. Call someone you miss. Tell someone you miss -but don't want to miss- that you miss them, in your new language so they don't know you said it. Take a walk. Find a new favorite writer. Find a new favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or park.


To Be Continued...

**ps. all photos were found online (ty stumble) and should link back to original locations upon clicking.

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