Monday, December 19

Kickstarting Self-Empowerment with Microcosm Publishing

This month, I've been promoted to Publicity Director over at Microcosm Publishing. I love it, and am super frickin excited. For my first post-promotion blog post I'm glad our newest kickstarter project just began, because it's a great way to get introduced to Microcosm and what we do.

Microcosm Publishing is an independent press based out of Portland. We publish and distribute books that we feel are empowering or useful in some way, with the mission to give people the tools they may need to improve their lives, selves, or just have their voices heard. I've really lucked out to work here, and did I mention I'm super fricking excited about my new position here? Because I am. 🙌

From the Kickstarter:
"From fermentation to empowering queer youth, sewing to reporting on racial justice, bicycling to punk rock mysteries—these six colorful little books pack a serious punch. Back this project and help us bring these—and many future books—to life!"

So check out the video below, made specially for the project, and check it out at

Also, I don't think I've mentioned it, but I'll have a story in the upcoming feminist bicycle science fiction collection (yeah, you read that right) BikeTopia. More excite!!! [and check out that badass cover!]

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