Inpirational Sights

Webpages, Blogs, and Articles I've found that made me think of the Weetzie World, or gave me some sort of inspiration for creating a beautiful world. ((in no particular order))

Post Secret - The secrets of the world, made art.

The Little Bukowski - beautiful blog I stumbled onto, reminds me of the way I want to live.  A lot.

Friend of Dorothy Wilde - Rei writes fantastic book reviews, and they're pretty much always about books that sound amazing and beautiful.

Urban Gardening - Having nature/natural beauty is possible anywhere.

How Do You Make Life Beautiful? - A nice article about how people make do.

Write Spell - Blog I stumbled upon and am enjoying looking through little by little.

Instructables - An awesome site filled with DIY projects and ideas-- from food to costumes to jewelry and more-- Very Weetzie.

Ze Frank - A sometimes hilarious, sometimes random, bout surprisingly often completely inspirational, this is a place to make you smile, make you think, and make you want to live. {{For inspiration, always start with Invocation}}

The Bibliophile Catfairy -- Book blog with a lot of FLB reviews

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